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Security On Your Ring Doorbell

You only have one week to opt out of your ring “security” tools sharing networks with all of your neighbors. Initially everyone was talking about a one time chance but you are able to opt out anytime. June 8 is the dates that everyone will be automatically be included in an experiment to connect all ring doorbell‘s in your area. They want to share the Internet between devices to try and give everybody more consistent, reliable, and stronger connection. That’s the way that they are selling it or justifying the experiment that they’re attempting.

The flip side to this is a significant security vulnerability, you’re opening a doorway to everybody’s house by creating a mesh network. Yes, if your neighbors neighbor and their neighbor have bad Internet security, this would allow somebody can jump anywhere in your neighborhood and gain access inside your network. Hackers paradise to be able to get in one door and attack a whole neighborhood at once until they get everything they want.

Security cameras are intended to be secure, and a sense of security should be given to the owner. This is an opposite solution for security by allowing significant new vulnerabilities that the public will not understand. I would recommend a video doorbell that brings the control back into your hands as the owner.

This piece written by Sissi Cao titled “Amazon Rolls Out Massive Data-Sharing Program—Users Have One Week to Opt Out” on the Observer website explains in additional detail about the Amazon experiment.

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