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Employee Password Manager

Who likes passwords? You can’t remember the stupid things and you have to go through a 30-minute password reset hoop jump water exercise in order to set a new password and you almost could have checked out as a guest faster but you want the shopping points. I guess you could have written them on paper or a word document, notepad, or excel take your pick, that is the worst! Maybe a little carried away or over-exaggerated, you tell me? Why do you have so many passwords and you think they are all the same or you try to make them all the same but you always forget and there are so many rules, right?

Technology is a great tool we have today that has not always made shopping or banking online so easy. With the technology came security and as people find ways to break in, companies add security to protect their assets, you. This makes passwords inevitable, we only have to learn to manage them. First, you have to get your passwords off the paper. It is extremely unlikely and I have not heard of anyone that remembers every password they need today. So, managing this is best recommended using a password manager

Employees are always going to be in your top 3 highest business threats. Of the possible mistakes, one of the most common we believe is the passwords. The majority of the people we come across are not managing their passwords well or not at all. In the technology-reliant environment, we work and live in today, no one can remember all of their passwords. If you can not memorize it you have to write it down or reset it each time you log in. Yes, I have seen people that do both.

Here is a great article that highlights exactly the way we promote and recommend our clients manage their passwords. Reach out for a recommendation if you need one.

We highly recommend password Managers and VPN protections for your browsing.

Look at NordVPN for your VPN services.

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