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IT Security or Convenience?

Is your network secure, are your computers safe or are you doing the things necessary to keep it safe? Security can be daunting and we understand that, up front we recommend you ask for some support, get a consultation or advisor in your corner that will advocate for you. This will not be waisted and the right person will educate you to keep up with the security.

Everyone for the most part today understands that your security over the internet is important and the threat is real. The question we pose today, we hope will help you understand how to identify if your security is correct or enough for you. A fair balance between security and convenience is where most people struggle. Nearly each change made with the intentions of making your environment more secure will likely make thing less convenient. By default, the more convenient your network is set up the less secure you likely are.

What we have noticed is most people are comfortable and aware of the obvious things that need to be done for business security. Those things we refer to as “obvious” are antivirus, anti-malware, and other virus software protections. These tools are great to have, and will always encourage users protect their devices with software! It does not stop there, while cyber threats are changing so often one vulnerability that is always very high on the threat list is the inside employees at a business.

You read that correct, your own employees are more often the biggest threat to your organization. Unfortunately, most organizations do little to protect against this and we are here to help change that for the better.

In order to better show how security and convenience are connected we will use the example of the employee threat to a business. One example of how a business can protect or mitigate against employee threats is what we call the “Principle of Lease Privilege” and since everyone likes to abbreviate everything in today’s world we have PoLP. The PoLP example is when user permissions and access levels for each and every user in the organization is set based on their job needs. Each user will get the minimum level access, with access only to required areas that allows them to complete their job duties. With this practice the business will minimize the possibility and the threat of some one employee deleting, damaging, or stealing company files. By default it will be less convenient when they need access to something for a special circumstance, more importantly it will be more secure. With this practice in place the user would need authorization or support to gain access for the special project.

If you think your security is not where it should be or you take this seriously and you need some additional opinions, get it. This is not a topic to put off, it only takes that one time for everything to come crumbling in.

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