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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Kevin's lifelong passion for technology and innovation ignited in the Silicon Valley's dot-com era. From early on, he immersed himself in the tech world, beginning with roles at Best Buy selling computers and equipment. His analytical mindset propelled him into managing store inventories, revealing his deep love for data.

In 2010, Kevin enlisted in the Army, leveraging his tech skills to take on multiple additional diverse responsibilities. After his military service, he delved into management, further expanding his business acumen. Eventually, he refocused on technology, earning a degree in software engineering with a minor in cyber security.

Kevin's unique expertise spans business, data, software, and security. His genuine desire to assist individuals and businesses, coupled with a strong faith-driven commitment, sets him apart. With years of experience in data analytics, software design, and military security training, Kevin embodies Krugers Solutions' vision and dedication. Kevin is motivated, caring professional that’s has a lifetime of growth and expertise.

Meet Joaquin, a seasoned expert driven by a passion for innovation and efficiency. With over nine years of hands-on experience in the telecommunications industry, Joaquin has evolved into a versatile technician, advisor, and consultant. His journey is marked by a curiosity and an unyielding commitment to finding practical solutions. Joaquin holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, enhancing his expertise with formal education.

By combining knowledge in telecom with a strong IT foundation, Joaquin has developed a solid base that fuels Krugers Solutions. Drawing from a rich history of practical exploration and real-world application, he bridges the gap between technological potential and practical solutions. With Joaquin on board, businesses can confidently embrace the future, knowing they have a skilled expert ready to transform challenges into opportunities.

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