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Managed Security

Our unique team can provide a special level of security as a friend in the business.  With our added military experience, professional experience, and education we can offer a significant security value to your business.  This is a team of people you want on your security team!

Security: Security is more and more important each day and oftentimes businesses do not believe they are not a target for various reasons.  The truth is, smaller operations with less IT resources are a bigger target and a more common victim.  Security has many different components to include hardware, software, and protocols.  Many people talk about hardware and software but not very often do you find the protocols and knowledge.  Any business's highest security threat is the people that work for the company.  Our experts will support your infrastructure security through designing and implementing security to support your business. 

  • Security Software

  • Security Hardware

  • Video Security

  • Best practice rules and regulations

  • Security Documentation on rules and regulations (company-specific)

  • Employee training (One time or Periodic training available)

Disaster Recovery: Along with security, our team can provide a disaster recovery plan with training.  This will guide you along different avenues should something happen. 

  • Businesses can survive without security, the moment something happens they will not survive. 

  • Businesses with security will mitigate some risks and survive, once something happens the business will not survive.   

  • Businesses with security will mitigate some risks and survive, with a disaster recovery plan, when something does happen, they will build back and survive.  

Where do you want your business to land? ​

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