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Digital Infrastructure

Nearly every business today has a digital infrastructure of some kind, as the business develops the digital infrastructure plays a significant role in the scaling.  Protecting and securing the data and seamlessly connecting the team with unified communications and remote availability is at the forefront of business operations today.  Our team's support in managing your digital infrastructure will be a noticeable service included in any of our support levels along with any recommendations made. 

With Krugers Solutions support in your business's digital infrastructure will focus on increasing productivity, support growth, and identify and eliminate waste.

  • Managed Infrastructure

  • Digital Infrastructure

  • Server support

  • Data management 

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Cloud computing

  • Cybersecurity

  • Employee Security

Hosted Business Data Backup

Starting at $259/month

Business Data Backup

Starting at $1500 + hardware

Hosted Personal Cloud

Starting at $69/month

Personal Cloud Backup

Starting at $500 + hardware

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